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Here at Yves Silveira Physiotherapy, we believe in providing expert and personal care to all of our patients. Our goal is to rehabilitate every injury and get our clients back on track to a pain free life. Come in for an initial appointment and allow us to help you get back to doing the things you love, and become the best version of yourself.

We currently have four different services that we offer to our clients, listed below. Every service has its own purpose, so please don’t hesitate to click below and find out more!

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Running season is here!

Which means we’re seeing a lot of common running injuries!

As the weather gets warmer and a few virtual fun runs are on the horizon, runners and potential-runners are getting out on the track! However, it is very common and very easy to go just that little bit too hard too soon!

Running niggles can present a few weeks after a big week of running and can often hang around for longer than they should, leading to longer standing pain. We are starting to see a lot of ankle, knee and hip pain as a result of this.

If you are in this boat let’s:

  1. Work out why it’s happening
  2. Create a plan of attack to make sure you get back on track, and
  3. Have you running better than ever!

We also have an E-book filled with tips and tricks on recovery & staying healthy this sports season! If you’d like to receive it (entirely free!) then send us an email at info@physioyves.com with the title ‘E-book’ and we’ll send it your way asap!