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Hello everyone! This week marks the end of our movement is medicine series for the upper body. We hope you enjoyed it and got some useful tips and inspiration out of it. By filming the videos for Instagram on the beach last week we want to make it a little creative and underline the fact that sometimes you need a change of environment to focus on yourself and the wellbeing of your body.

We hope you are excited for this weeks scenery and topic, which will be a nice continuation of last week.

Many people do not make the time during the week to take care of themselves and their bodies. As we said before, exercise reduces stress levels and can help in the progression of musculoskeletal problems. By showing you exercises and giving you some inspiration we want to challenge you to take control of your stress! Get out of your comfort zone and into a different ‘environment’ (=routine). To reach that goal you can start by making some time during the week to perform a workout consisting of the exercises we provided you with the past two weeks. Choose a few of your favourites and get started! For every exercise we give a training parameter which you can use and adjust for your own workout.

We want to help you control whatever health condition you have and to get fit! If you have questions about your workout or specific exercises we posted please contact us under

We love to hear from you and let’s get this new week started!

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