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Episode 1: ‘Be present in the ordinary to experience the extraordinary.’

Welcome to a new series I would like to introduce, called: ‘Walk and Talk’. In these series I would love to talk about a quote or other inspirational experience message. Today I’d like to share:

‘Be present in the ordinary to experience the extraordinary.’

Last weekend I’ve done a inspirational retreat in the beautiful Mittagong, where I had many new insights. One of the big themes of the retreat was that we experience an enormous amount of distractions in our everyday life, such as Social Media, TV, our phones etc., and all of these will make us fall into a daily grind. It holds us back from living in the present moment, noticing the beautiful things in life and being grateful for those.

For me, gratitude practise and reflecting at the end of the day make me a lot more present and I notice things that I have looked over during a hectic day.

Another quote I really valued was:

‘Without sacred time we are robbed of the possibility of peace.’

This isn’t necessary a religious quote, but applies to anyone. Take time to be still, so that you have time to reflect and be present in the moment.

Take this wisdom with you this week. Look around you and count your blessings. All of this will make an immense difference in your life.

Until next everyone goodbye…..and good night

Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory

Good morning everyone, “Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory.” Such a beautiful quote. Too often, we acknowledge that people showing off might be an endeavour of success, but so often, them showing off actually shows their own insecurities and a lot of things they are going through individually. It’s not an idea of success. Be humble when you are on top, celebrate your wins, but by no means show off, you know your true self with also come to the fore. Until next time people, goodbye and goodnight.


The Number One Thing you Should be Doing at Work

Hello everyone! Welcome to our first blog post! In the live Facebook video I described the importance of movement throughout the day to prevent chronic pains and injury. For so many people, sitting is a large component of their work day, and we now know how detrimental it can be to the body. For this reason, this week we created a Movement is Medicine Instagram series and provided simple exercises for the lower body that can be done at home or even at work.

As mentioned, as recommended by the World Health Organisation, adults should be getting 150 minutes per week of physical activity, which comes out to 30 minutes per day, 5 times per week. This can include walking, running, cycling, swimming, or whatever other activities you may enjoy. The daily exercises we post can be used throughout the day to contribute to your 30 minutes of exercise! By the end of the week, you may even consider putting all the exercises together and completing them in a circuit for an even more intense workout. If you would like more information regarding the physical activity guidelines, feel free to visit the WHO’s website listed here: http://www.who.int/dietphysicalactivity/factsheet_adults/en/

At times it may be easy to get wrapped up in your work and find yourself sitting at your desk for hours, but now that you’ve read this post, YOU MUST NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!! Easy ways to help you remember to get up throughout the day are to:

  • Set a timer every 30 minutes- when it goes off, go for a walk around the office or take a minute to stretch!
  • Drink more water- this means more trips to the bathroom!
  • Pace around the office when taking a call instead of sitting at your desk

Need help fitting in the 30 minutes of exercise? Here are some easy ways to help you squeeze it into your day:

  • Commute to work by walking or biking
  • Build in time to work-out during your lunch break
  • Take 10 minute breaks 3 times per day to run up and down the stairs or do exercises at your desk
  • Use a stability ball instead of a chair to get your core muscles working
  • Take a look at the exercises below!

We hope this helps you start thinking about being active during the day and gives you some simple ways to get started today! Let’s get moving people!!


Time To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Hello everyone! This week marks the end of our movement is medicine series for the upper body. We hope you enjoyed it and got some useful tips and inspiration out of it. By filming the videos for Instagram on the beach last week we want to make it a little creative and underline the fact that sometimes you need a change of environment to focus on yourself and the wellbeing of your body.

We hope you are excited for this weeks scenery and topic, which will be a nice continuation of last week.

Many people do not make the time during the week to take care of themselves and their bodies. As we said before, exercise reduces stress levels and can help in the progression of musculoskeletal problems. By showing you exercises and giving you some inspiration we want to challenge you to take control of your stress! Get out of your comfort zone and into a different ‘environment’ (=routine). To reach that goal you can start by making some time during the week to perform a workout consisting of the exercises we provided you with the past two weeks. Choose a few of your favourites and get started! For every exercise we give a training parameter which you can use and adjust for your own workout.

We want to help you control whatever health condition you have and to get fit! If you have questions about your workout or specific exercises we posted please contact us under yves.silveira@gmail.com.

We love to hear from you and let’s get this new week started!

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