How do I get to Yves Silveira Physio?
The clinic is located by a bus stop and is also a short walk away from the Mascot train station. There is also residential street parking available outside.

What should I expect for the initial consultation?
We will begin by reviewing and assessing your health history in conjunction with your presenting complaint(s), and we will also evaluate your movement and function. Our overall goal is to not only treat the aggravating factor but to also diagnose and attend to the cause of the issue. During your first appointment, we will discuss a diagnosis, collaborate on a treatment plan, and provide you with hands on treatment.

How long is a session?
An appointment typically takes around 45 minutes. We aim to start promptly upon your arrival and make the best use of your time during physio.

How often do I need to come in for treatment?
This varies based on your condition among other factors. During your appointment, we will discuss and establish a treatment plan for you, which will tell you how often you should come in. We will also provide you with techniques to better manage and strengthen the affected areas at home. Your progression may also dictate how often you would need to see a physio.