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Massage at YS Physio is performed by our lovely massage therapist, Rylee. Massage can be used as a complementary treatment to physiotherapy, a mode of recovery from sport/exercise, a way to help de-stress from work or as a thoughtful gift to someone!

Rylee is skilled in many different types of massage, including:

Remedial: The most common and typical form of massage. Using classic massage strokes working on soft tissues of the body, aimed at reducing stress, tension or tightness. Perfect as a de-stressor from life or as a gift!

Sports massage: Used as a mode of recovery for athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone in between. Sports massage is great for reducing the post exercise soreness you may feel after a hard workout or event. 

Deep tissue: Slower, firmer, strokes are used to put extra pressure on soft tissue structures deep under the skin. This form of massage is great, however some post-treatment soreness may be experienced – which is completely normal! 

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*Please note that our remedial massage sessions are unable to be covered by private health*


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