Hello prospective intern!

In an internship here at Yves Silveira Physiotherapy, I offer a placement with a mix of private practice as well as exposure to the various sporting teams I provide physiotherapy coverage for. I have also networked with other well renowned Sydney physiotherapists, and depending on the time of the year, there is opportunity to spend parts of your placement working alongside them as well.

I also currently offer a student internship house where my students can rent out at an affordable rate during the duration of their internship.

All year round, you will be able to work with me at my home clinic in Rosebery. The clientele is 100% private musculoskeletal with a real variety in caseload from the elderly to adolescents and kids. And a huge proportion of that is a sporting clientele (as I look after many sporting teams). Some of your work would include:

  • Shadowing and helping me while I treat patients
  • Assisting in performing home-based exercise programs in the clinic
  • Contributing with report writing, statistics, and day-to-day paperwork
  • Developing new protocols for assessments and treatments
  • Learning how to organise a patient load and run a private practice
  • Helping organise & clean room in between patients
  • Assisting with the strapping/taping courses and education nights that I run
  • Treating and being responsible for your own clients toward the end of the placement

I also serve as the club physiotherapist for several sports clubs, so this opportunity will directly exposure you to my work in sports physiotherapy.

I have had the privilege of mentoring over 50 students from all over the world throughout the past few years, and I look forward to sharing the experience and knowledge with more students in the future.

If you are interested in doing internship with me please get in touch with me: yves@physioyves.com