Our Physiotherapists

Jack Rains is a sport and exercise-based physiotherapist who graduated from the University of Sydney in 2019 where he completed his masters degree in physiotherapy. Prior to this, he excelled in an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Technology Sydney.

Jack loves being active having played rugby league and union, cricket, AFL, touch football and oz-tag over the years. He has also had his fair share of injuries, including two shoulder surgeries and a torn ACL – so he understands firsthand the focus and dedication required in rehabilitation, and can empathise with anyone who is experiencing pain or dealing with an injury.

Jack especially loves working with runners, swimmers and golfers in order to get them back on the track, in the ocean or out on the course. His passion lies in making people the best versions of themselves, all while moving and feeling better in the process.

He is a local Maroubra man who likes to keep things simple – 1. You will never regret an ocean swim and 2. The Roosters will forever be in our shadow!

Jacinta Maxwell graduated from the University of Canberra in 2020 with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree. She’s now working alongside Jack and Yves as a physiotherapist in the clinic.

Jacinta has only recently moved from Canberra to Sydney, but is already loving spending her free time exploring Sydney’s beaches. Jacinta has previously been a competitive rower, but loves being a part of all kinds of sports as a participant, coach, or spectator.

Early in her career, Jacinta is interested in seeing all kinds of injuries and cases, especially those that are sports-related or neck and back related. She loves supporting and motivating people to reach their potential and achieve their goals, whether sport or work related, or to just live a healthy and active life!

Yves Silveira is an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist, with a passion for sports, rehabilitation and corporate wellness.

Yves graduated from the University of Sydney in 2011 with a Masters of Physiotherapy. He also has a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science, which he completed in 2008 and a Masters in Exercise and Sport Science (Clinical rehabilitation), which he completed in 2010.  The knowledge and experience Yves gained from these complementary degrees assists him to thoroughly assess movement and dysfunction, and to treat and rehabilitate injury with the utmost expertise.

Yves and his team currently oversee the provision of physiotherapy services for the following clubs:

  • UTS Sparks (Premier League Netball)
  • Randwick City Saints (AFL)
  • South Eastern Seagulls (Rugby League),
  • South Sydney Mustangs (Rugby League Club)
  • Newtown Breakaways (AFL)
  • East Sydney Bulldogs (AFL – juniors)

He has also worked with many and varied sporting organisations including the Sydney Swans, Greater Western Sydney Giants and Brisbane Lions (AFL), UNSW/ES Bulldogs (Sydney AFL Competition), St George Football club (Super League Soccer competition) Sydney Cricket Club (Sydney Grade Cricket Competition) and recently has a 4 year tenure with Netball NSW where he looked after various state and representative sides, mainly the NSW Waratahs that competed in the Australian netball league.

Yves is also a keen sportsman and over the years he has played representative and grade cricket, which is his absolute passion. He has also represented Sydney University in both Tennis and European Handball. Yves is also an accomplished musician who enjoys jazz funk piano, guitar and saxophone, and was short-listed to play at the Sydney Opera house for excelling in his HSC major work.

Yves believes in holistic physiotherapy, and is passionate about treating the underlying cause of your pain rather than just the symptoms. He will also educate, support, motivate and encourage you each step of the way to prevent reoccurrence in the long run.

Our Assistants

Virtual Assistant

Myklin Poorterman is a physiotherapist from the Netherlands who graduated from Saxion University of Applied Sciences to become a general physiotherapist at the start of 2021. Aside from her job as a physiotherapist in the Netherlands she works for us behind the scenes on our online physiotherapy services, website improvements, and helps with social media marketing.

Myklin is also interested in pursuing further education about psychosomatic physiotherapy. Psychosomatic means how your thinking and emotions (‘psyche’) and your body (‘somatic’) are connected and affect each other. Psychosomatic physiotherapists treat people with chronic pain, unexplained complaints, depression and/or anxiety disorders and burn-outs.

Fun fact! Myklin actually used to be an intern with us in 2019 and managed to stay on board and work with us remotely after returning home. Luckily technology gives us that opportunity! After her internship she travelled around Australia and fell completely in love with the country and traveling, and plans on going on a lot more adventures, but in the meantime she just wants to spend her time helping others in any way that she can to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Administration Assistant

Rylee Bampton is a final year Sports and Exercise student who will soon Graduate at The University of Technology Sydney, with hopes of completing a Masters of Physiotherapy. She was our most recent intern at Yves Silveira Physiotherapy, however is now a full-time team member, assisting with our social media presence as well as our many behind the scenes tasks and gaining valuable Physiotherapy experience along the way.

Rylee loves competing in sports and has represented teams both locally and state-wide in dancing, netball, oztag, and water polo. She also has a passion for music and enjoys playing the guitar and singing. Rylee also enjoys staying active by going to the gym and walking her much loved Blue Staffy, Zeus.

Rylee hopes to gain experience in Physiotherapy by seeing first-hand how things are done and learning from Yves and his professional team.